Ken Doane becomes Captain Save-a-Ho on Seducing Cindy


This week’s episode of the best trainwreck on television took an interesting twist.  In an effort to see if her suitors are on the show for the right reasons, Cindy Margolis stages a horrible accident.  Out of all the contestants, only Leighton and Kenny Doane rush downhill to see how badly Cindy Margolis is injured from her faux car crash.  When asked if he would donate to his kidney to save Cindy’s life, Kenny responds with,

“I mean, in any way shape or form I can be there for her.  I’m there for her…that’s cool, if she needs it, yeah.  I’ll do it…”.

Cindy gushed at that moment but she also did the same reaction for the other competitors as well.  However, Cindy did say, “That is my knight in shining armor right there.”

In the moment we’ve all been waiting for, Christopher Mendoza, Mr. Prayer, actually got some make out time with the cougar phenom.  Resident douche-nozzle, Timmy Z, got kicked off the show for losing his shit when the producers asked if he could give blood like the rest of the cast did.  At the end of the show, Cindy felt bad for lying and gave Kenny Doane and the everyone else another garter to last another week!

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