The show starts with Abyss in the back showing off Hogan’s Hall of Fame ring to a bunch of X Division guys saying it was the greatest day of his life… I guess you need to invest time in hanging out with girl’s man if this is the greatest.

TNA Champion AJ Styles comes down to the ring with Ric Flair. Styles cuts a decent promo on The Pope. At least he’s getting a heel promos down. Flair is super fucking pissed that Hogan gave Aybss his HOF ring. Flair keeps calling him “the Abyss”. Abyss comes down to Hogan’s WCW music. Flair cuts Abyss down calling him a clown. All three banter back and forth until Hogan comes out. Flair and Hogan yell at each other, I think one of these guys is going to have a coronary right here in the middle of the ring. Abyss and Hogan are ready to go but Flair and Styles hit the road. I get why Flair & Styles are pissed about the ring but is it enough to start a feud…?! Come on now. Its funny this is all over a ring Hogan got for the WWE. Makes TNA feel cheap.

Fuck so not only are you punishing people who paid for the ppv but now you’re punish us now with another Nasty Boy match?! Torment the dummies who pay for this shit please!

Team 3D beat The Nasty Boys with Jimmy Hart in a tables match, that’s all I gotta say.

Foley and Bischoff bicker about if Eric is pulling one over on Mick. I don’t care.

OBD beat Daffney by DW when she goes fucking nuts and uses the steel steps on OBD then hits her with a broom. Haha

Borash in the back with Hernandez and Morgan. They bitch about their match at the past ppv all because Morgan grabbed Hernandez’s tights. Morgan says they are on the same page now.

Waltman and Hall digging through the trash, fuck I didn’t think shit was THAT bad. Oh wait, they are looking for weapons. Nevermind.

Beer Money Inc are in the ring, they’re pissed cause they are dope and the “new” TNA isn’t making time for them. Hernandez comes out and says that they want to face the best which is Beer Money.

Borash in the back with Eric Young and Kevin Nash. They want Waltman and Hall. They just want to beat them up, match or not.

Again in the back…Jeff Jarrett comes into Bischoff’s office all pissed off about happen last week, getting jumped by 6 dudes on the TNA roster. Bischoff wants to apologize but Jarrett isn’t hearing it. Bischoff wants JJ to trust him and to meet him in the middle of the ring tonight to fix this. Who cares about this crap?!

Bischoff comes to the ring kissing Jarrett’s ass and brings him out. Bischoff is handed the barbwire bat, he says JJ did the right thing but not the right thing by him. He puts JJ in the kitchen… literally. Bischoff puts a hair net on JJ and tells him to go flip burgers. I don’t care about this feud, FYI. So having to cover this is annoying as fuck.

In the back…..again. Morgan is pissed at Hernandez because he challenged Beer Money and not Generation ME or the Machine Gunns. They kiss and make up.

Kazarian beat Brian Kendrick with the Flux Capacitor to get a title shot at the next ppv. Kazarian looked solid even though it looks like he’s balding or some shit.

Borash in the ring with Abyss cutting a promo about people trying to take the HOF ring from him… god damn this is fucking stupid.

They show a video package on the Global Championship. Good package but its funny since they keep cutting the part that says “Legends” on the belt.

Christy Hemme in the back with Mr. Anderson, he builds himself up which leads to his match with Rob Terry tonight for the Global Title. Anderson’s promos in TNA are so fucking lame. This dude really does need writers. WRAP IT UP B!

As Rob Terry walks to the ring in the back, Brutus Magnus stops Terry to talk some shit about The Invasion cutting him off.

Mr. Anderson is cutting his promo on the stage before his match when Kurt Angle comes from behind and hits Anderson with a steel chair. Terry then carries Anderson back to the ring and the match starts…

TNA Global Champion Rob Terry beats Mr. Anderson in seconds with a running power slam.

They show Jarrett in the kitchen cooking food. I like mine well done, thanks!

In the parking lot, Waltman and Hall jump Young and Nash. No one cares.

In the back Bischoff is on the phone clowning the guest host concept. Foley then comes in and his wearing a suit. Foley is “buying” into Bischoff’s shit.

Abyss w/The WWE HOF Ring of Power beat Desmond Wolf w/Chelsea with the Black Hole Slam. They treated Wolfe like a fucking jobber here, way to go guys.

After the match Wolfe, Style and Flair attack Abyss but he “hulks” up only to have Styles cut him off. Hogan (walking slowly) comes to the ring cleans house but Flair clips Hogan’s leg and all three beat on Hogan now while Abyss is handcuffed to the top rope. Styles then bashes Hogan upside the head with the TNA Title, Hogan bleeds. Abyss breaks the cuffs and the three end up running off.

Flair, Styles and Wolfe would be a dope crew. Maybe they can do something right and have some sort of ROH/Horsemen group….nah, that would make too much sense.

After the break Hogan books a match for March 8th, Flair & Styles vs. Abyss & Hogan. The crowd loses their shit for this announcement, literally. I think its because Jarrett was cooking tonight, not good.

Man, that was a fucking talky night a wrestling… ugh.

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