NXT revisited: The Miz and Daniel Bryan transcript.


Here’s a transcript of the interaction between The Miz and Daniel Bryan on the debut episode of WWE NXT.  Personally, it was the best part of the show besides the Jericho-Bryan match at the end of the broadcast.

All the NXT Rookies are in the back.  The audience is pretty amped up (at least 5 times more than they ever were for ECW – which is somewhat sad).

Miz strolls by the Rookies and gives them the once over.  He then calls out Daniel Bryan.  Miz talks about his credentials.  Daniel Bryan rolls his eyes.

Miz: I am one of 8 NXT Pros and my NXT rookie is Daniel Bryan.  Daniel Bryan is an internet darling.  He has traveled the world.  Became a star on the minor leagues, on the independents.  People say…internet bloggers say that you’re great, that you’re a star, that you’re ready for the WWE.  You think you’re ready?

Daniel Bryan: Yes.  Yes I do.

Miz: Well one thing you have to learn about the WWE is that you have to expect anything.

Daniel Bryan: Right.

Miz: So right now I want you to go the ring.

Daniel Bryan: OK.

Miz: I want you to introduce yourself.  Tell everybody exactly who you are.  I want you to show personality.  I want you to show charisma.  I want to give people a reason to watch you every Tuesday night.

Daniel Bryan: I can do that.

Miz: You can even go out to my music.

*Bryan makes a dubious facial expression.

Daniel Bryan: That’s a little bit tougher.

Miz: I don’t think so.  Oh…and have a good catch phrase.  Good luck.

*Miz looks at the camera.

Miz: What Daniel Bryan and the WWE live audience doesn’t know is that compared to me, Bryan’s personality is as dry as the Mohave Desert.  So if Daniel Bryan doesn’t show you personality, I’m going to slap some personality into him.  Enjoy.

*Daniel Bryan comes out to the ring.

Daniel Bryan: Thank you guys.  Thank you guys.  That’s a tremendous reception, especially, considering that my WWE Pro was the Miz.  (the crowd boos)  Hey, hey, hey, hey , hey.  To all my fans throughout the world, I’d just like to say two words.  I’m sorry.  Seriously.  I wish my pro was William Regal but, hey, you get what you get.  But the Miz just told me to come out here and introduce myself.  My name is Daniel Bryan.  I’ve been wrestling all over the world for the last ten years and finally, FINALLY, I have an opportunity here in the WWE.  Now NXT, this is the next evolution of the WWE and I look forward –

Miz interrupts.

Miz: I can tell this is gonna be a lot of fun.  I have my work cut out for me being your pro.  “I’m sorry”?  That’s the best you could come up with?  “I’m sorry”?  That’s the personality you’re gonna get.  That’s the charisma?

Daniel Bryan: You better watch what you say or I’ll submit you right now.

Miz: That’s cute.  Listen, you may be a submission machine.  But where’s your personality.  Where’s your charisma?  How are you going to be star in the WWE?  Huh?

Daniel Bryan: Well, you know what I was thinking I was going to do.  I was going to go on a reality TV show, get a faux-hawk, and then come out here and then act like an idiot.  That’s how I…oh wait, oh no.  SORRY!  That’s already been done and it’s been done by you.

Miz; I’ll you, oh yeah, yeah.  Maybe I did go on a reality show and that is just fine.  That is fine and dandy. But let’s see something.  Try a catch phrase for me.  How about something like “I’m the MIZ, and I’m AWESOME!”  Do you hear that?  Do you the thousands of people?  They know EXACTLY who I am!

Daniel Bryan: Lemme see.  Lemme see if I can rack my brain for something as cool as “I’m Awesome”…  Lemme see…  If you and I were to ever step in this ring and fight.  You would have two options; You either tap, or you snap.

*the crowd ‘oohs’…

Miz: (to the crowd) You all think Daniel Bryan showed personality?  (crowd gives a half-assed cheer)  Do you all think that Daniel Bryan showed charisma?  (another half assed cheer) Do you all think that Daniel Bryan even deserves to be in the same ring as me?  (the cheer was a little better this time)  Well, I don’t. You failed.

Miz slaps Bryan and walks out.  The sound is off but you can make out that Daniel Bryan saying “You got nothing on me.”

They show a quick replay of the “slap”

Daniel Bryan: “You know what Miz, there will be a time when I’m gonna slap you back.”

*End segment.

Matt Stryker talks to Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan: You know I don’t consider it embarrassing when somebody slaps me in the face.  What I think about is that at some point, I’m gonna get him back.  And, Miz, I guarantee you one thing; I slap a lot harder than you do.

Stryker: Now hold on a second.  He’s your mentor.  The WWE is all about respect and with all due respect to you as well…how can you say that?

Daniel Bryan: I can say that because I’ve been in this business for twice as long as he has.

Stryker: You haven’t been in the WWE for a minute.  You wanna be a star or not?

Daniel Bryan: I want to be a star.  But I can get a – but I can be a star, on my own.

Stryker: If you want to be a star, you’ll have to listen to the Miz.  But I do admire the confidence.  That’s what it takes in the WWE.

CUT to the RING.

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