Show starts off with the rookies in the back trying to look hard. Miz comes out and calls Bryan to his side, looks like Bryan is trying not to laugh. Haha Miz wants Bryan to go to thing and cut a promo. Bryan leaves for the ring and Miz says that if he doesn’t show personality he’s going to slap it out of him. I don’t know about this…

Josh Mathews and Michael Cole are on commentary. While Matt Striker is hosting, dope.

Daniel Bryan is in the ring trying to cut a promo, he apologizes for having Miz as his mentor. This wasn’t going well when Miz comes out and is disappointed. They banter going back and forth. Bryan clowns on Miz, Bryan cuts promos here like Paul London and Brain Kendrick’s love child. Bryan gets slapped by Miz and he takes off to the back. Bryan is smiling the whole time…!?

That’s the end of the first segment and right now I ain’t impressed…

Striker in the back with Bryan. Bryan says he slaps harder, he says he has been in the business longer that Miz but Striker stops him in his tracks and said NOT in the WWE.

Michael Tarver comes out with Carlito and a video package is shown for Tarver with FCW footage is shown. Good package with Traver giving a little bit of his history.

We’re getting a tag team match with Tarver & Carlito taking on Christian and Heath Slater. This is feeling like ECW but with “guest superstars”…. Fuck.

Christian & Heath Slater beat Carlito & Michael Tarver when Christian hits the Kill Switch on Tarver. First thing I noticed in the match as they are keeping the camera shots tighter than the other shows ala indie shows. Did Cole call Heath “Christian Slater”?? haha WAIT?! Did they say Bryan is taking on Jericho tonight?!?! Rookies started the match with was “to the book” of wrestling basics, things pick up when Christian and Carlito make their hot tags. Both rookie’s didn’t look too bad.

In the back The Straight Edge Society is with Darren Young, Young is taking on R-Truth’s rookie David Otunga tonight.

Darren Young w/The Straight Edge Society come out to the ring for Young’s match, Punk is shown in a video package annoyed that he is on NXT and doesn’t know why he’s here. Haha

A package is shown on Otunga coming off Hollywood cocky bring up who is girlfriend is. He did a good job in the package, he ends it by saying “google me”, could be a good catch phrase but WWE will have to pay for that I’m sure. haha

David Otunga w/R-Truth beat Darren Young w/Straight Edge Society with a sloppy Uranage drop. Match was quick, jobber style like a Diva’s match. Lame.

Oh shit! Josh Mathews just called out Michael Cole and his “voice in his ear”, JR. haha

World Champion Chris Jericho w/Wade Barrett beats Daniel Bryan w/Unified Tag Team Champion & US Champion The Miz with the Walls of Jericho (old school style). Before the match Jericho has Barrett intro him. Barrett is a big “WWE style” guy. Jericho stops Barrett mid sentence as he was cutting a promo, Jericho tells him to just intro him. Bryan comes to the ring passing Miz like he doesn’t give a fuck. During the match Striker is interviewing Barrett about what he is learning, strange. Cole and Mathews are arguing on Bryan’s past, I haven’t heard Cole so heated in a long ass time! Damn maybe Cole needs NXT more than the other way around!? The guy was alive and believable. After the match Miz beats up on Bryan all pissed off. Bryan got a few high spots in the match one of which of a had him do a drive to the outside only to have Jericho eject him to the edge of the commentators table.

Striker in the back with the rest of the roster, calls this shit ground breaking. Uh, not yet man…

Interesting thing about this concept is that the “rookies” are getting ring time with decent (to dope) WWE guys right off the bat instead beating local guys for weeks until they get a match with an actual guy who’s been around for a while. That could also be a bad thing as it won’t give a guy time to get accustomed properly under the WWE lights. If this is the format they are going to do then they will need an NXT Title belt to give these guys something to fight for than just becoming a WWE Superstar.

All in all, the WWE has a lot of work ahead of themselves.

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