02-22-10 RAW REVIEW (Guest Ty Murray & Jewel)


The opening of RAW saw the new World Champion Chris Jericho come out and brag about his title win. This of course brought out Edge who speared him setting up their WrestleMania match. Shortly after Jean Shorts comes out to piss and moan about losing this title. Mr. McMahon comes out and sets up a match for Shorts tonight, if he can beat Batista he will get the WrestleMania match against him. If he doesn’t Sheamus gets the match. There is definitely a possibility of screwing Shorts again here…

Maryse wins the vacant Diva’s Title beating Gail Kim with the DDT in the match that was suppose to happen last night and should have since that match last night made NO SENSE.

Jewel and her cowboy in the back with Diva’s talking about riding a mechanical bull tonight. Jillian comes in and does her version of a Jewel song. Jillian gets smacked by Jewel and this shit is over. Thank god.

In the back Orton in the back with Cody trying to convice him that Ted was out for himself last night. Orton says he was at fault about what happen last night. He wants Legacy to get back on the same page. Orton tells Cody to tell Ted that he is sorry. Cody looks confused, Ted then comes in to talk to Cody and he wants to know how it went. Ted wants to know if they are still sticking to “the plan” and Cody agrees. Orton continues his face turn..

Yoshi Tatsu, Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston beat Legacy when Bourne pinned Cody after the Shooting Star Press. So Yoshi is another “Evan Bourne” on RAW, another waste more like it. During the match Cody tags himself in when Orton was in the ring which got Cody a DDT by Orton. Ted goes to confront Orton which ended with Orton hitting the RKO on Ted on the outside of the ring. The end of Legacy gets closer.

Solid video package on HBK and Taker is shown.

Shawn Michaels then comes down to the ring, he says he is willing to live with what he did. He knows there will be a reaction from the Undertaker on this and HBK is counting on it. With that, Takers music hits and the arena goes dark. Taker says HBK now has his attention. HBK says that even though people called their match the best he can not live with making one mistake last year. HBK says he begged for a rematch and Taker refused and ignored him so that is what he had no choice in cost Taker the title. HBK says if Take wants his revenge it has to be at WrestleMania. Undertaker accepts but on one condition, he says HBK has to put something up as well, his career!!! Career vs. Streak! HBK says that Taker doesn’t get it, if he cant beat him he has no career so its on! SOLID SEGMENT!

Christian is in the back and he is now officially with RAW!… Wait!? That’s not good, he’s going to get buried…FUCK!

Money in the Bank WILL be at WrestleMania this week!…So what the hell does that mean for this stupid pay per view later in the year?!

In a Money in the Bank qualifying match, Christian beat Carlito with the Kill Switch. Before the match Christian’s NXT rookie Health what’s his name cuts a video promo. Uh…ok dude you like boys. Carlito’s NXT Michael Tarver then does the same, eh he was ok nothing special. Match was ok, I’m just glad Christian is in the match and that MITB is at Mania.

Jewel and Ty Murray come out for a Diva Bull Riding challenge. I forwarded this until The Big Show and The Miz come out to talk shit. Jewel says her yodeling will crush them. Haha Ty says Show cant ride the bull, of course Show gets on the bull and gets knocked off. Show and Miz are doing some classic comedy here, with Miz telling Show not to look at the bull. Haha Show then cold cocks the bull. Haha Jewel and Ty set up a Tag Team Title match right now with them defending against MVP and Mark Henry.

Daniel Bryan is in the back in a suit watching the Miz on a flat screen!

Mark Henry comes out all tapped up from going through the barricade.

Unified Tag Team Champion The Miz & Big Show beat Mark Henry & MVP retaining the titles when Big Show knocks out Mark Henry for the pin. Match was short, nothing to write home about but it got the job done.

Wendi Richter is announced as being inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame by Rowdy Roddy Piper.

They show a video package on Bret Hart’s accident last week. Mr. McMahon is in the back and invites Bret to the show next week after saying he had nothing to do with what happened so Bret can get a proper farewell next week.

Cheech and Chong are hosting next week, this would be a PERFECT week for CM Punk to be on RAW!

Jean Shorts beats WWE Champion Batista in a non-title match by DQ to get his rematch for the title at WrestleMania. Batista got himself DQ’d quick and then beat the shit out of Shorts after the match for a while until the show ends.. Batista looks retarded wearing this stupid spinner belt. Come on WWE don’t you think its time for a new belt. Yeah, that’s all I took from this segment. Haha.

WrestleMania is starting to shape up and I am most excited for the fact that we will still see MITB this year. I don’t know how that makes sense for the PPV of the same name but we shall see. HBK and Taker was a strong segment and just as strong of a video package, I am definitely conflicted on who I am picking in this one. Two things I don’t want to see happen, HBK retire and Takers streak broken.

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