Ken Doane throws the Pearl Necklace challenge on Seducing Cindy.


On the best trainwreck on television, former Spirit Squad member and OVW standout, Ken Doane, lasted another week on Seducing Cindy.  During the Pearl Necklace challenge, Ken felt sorry for Nathan, a biggin’ who hasn’t had a chance to spend some quality time with Cindy.  Ken slowed down on making his pearl necklace so that Nathan could win the challenge and earn a date with Cindy.  After all that sacrifice on Ken’s part, Nathan booted himself from the show so he could be with his kids anyway.  Weak.  Priorities, son, priorities.  Where’s the Kleenex, son?

At the end of the show, Cindy Margolis asked Ken to take a garter and said that she really feels that Ken is seducing her as the weeks go on.  Cindy booted Art Ortiz, the love child of Mario Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, for no real reason.  She also kicked out Shaun Hawkins, who probably wrote the worse “love essay” ever read on cable television.  Again, Ken didn’t RKO anybody but he also didn’t get to make out with Cindy either.  Drama.

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