Elimination Chamber PPV RESULTS


The Stage and Titan Tron look like a giant Chamber. You can’t beat the WWE in production.

WWE Title Elimination Chamber Match is up first.

The first guys to start off are Kofi and Sheamus, the rest are locked up in the pods. Wonder how fast Kofi jobs here? Charles Robinson cant close the fucking cage. Haha. Strong RKO chants even before Orton can come out. So far the match is fast paced between Sheamus and Kofi. Strong Cena Sucks chants now. First person out of the pod is Triple H. HHH and Sheamus stare down, Sheamus throws the first punch and they go at it for a moment until Triple H takes the lead over Sheamus. Kofi finally chimes in and attacks both Sheamus and HHH. Kofi lands the Boom Boom leg drop to the outside of the ring (and over the top rope to HHH!). Next person out of the pods is Randy Orton who quickly goes after Sheamus before then going after everyone else. Crowd is definitely behind Orton. Kofi off the top rope with high cross body onto HHH, Orton and Sheamus! Solid dropkick from Orton on Kofi who was coming over the top rope back into the ring. Orton has taken the advantage over all three guys now and is setting up the RKO on HHH but he fights off, goes for the pedigree, but Orton flips him over the top rope onto the steet. Orton throw Kofi onto the steel too. Next guy out is DiBiase and the crowd could give a shit. Ted goes after HHH, Ted then turns his attention to Orton who’s in the corener. Ted then offers his hand and helps Orton up. Ted and Orton attack HHH together, then Sheamus and then Kofi. Orton then PUSH Kofi’s head threw the chains and starts to choke him while Ted puts Kofi in the Boston Crab. Would have been a dope spot for Jericho later tonight. HHH tries to fight off Legacy but its too much and they continue to beat his ass. There hasn’t been ANY eliminations yet, this has to be a first. HHH gets DDT’d onto the steel by Orton. Legacy is currently ruling this match. Legacy are not watching the clock for Cena, Cena fights off both Legacy guys and is taking it to Orton before Ted makes it back in the ring to get beat up too. Cena gets the FU on Ted to the outside steel. Cena whips Orton into the steel wall. Cena back into the ring and puts the STF on Ted, he’s about to tap but Orton makes the save. Cody Rhodes is out with a steel pipe, he throws it into the ring and Ted has it. Ted hits Orton but then hits Cena with it!!! Ted covers Orton…1…2….THREEE!!! Orton is out after the pipe shot and pin!!! The crowd got real quiet for that shit. Orton seems pissed while Ted is smiling in the ring, Orton got served. Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise on Ted for the pin, he is out! Sheamus lands the bicycle kick on Kofi, then the Razors Edge on Kofi for the pin, Kofi it OUT! Sheamus now goes after Cena. HHH lands the pedigree on Sheamus…1….2….THREEE Sheamus is OUT! Fuck… The title is up for grabs to either one of these cock suckers. Cena with the STF on HHH. HHH TAPS OUT AND COCK SUCKER JOHN CENA WINS THE TITLE…. God dammit, sometimes I really hate the fucking WWE. How does this makes sense for WrestleMania at ALL???… WAIT!?!?! Vince McMahon is out…. He congratulates Cena  but he is going to make a title match for Cena right NOW against Batista! Why are they copying the shit Edge did against Cena AGAIN???

Cena lands a one punch but Batista lands a spear and Batista Bomb to pin John Cena to win the WWE Title in minutes! Shit I’ll take that over Jean Shorts being champion again.

Drew McIntyre comes out to new music and video package.

Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre pins Kane with the Future Shock DDT after he poked Kane in the eye for the pin. Match was ok, Kane spent most of the match beating up on McIntyre.

Maryse and Gail Kim in the back, Maryse talks shit to Kim in French but Kim finally lets on that she knows what Maryse is saying. Kim then says she is beating her tonight for the title.

Before the match Diva’s Tournament final starts, Vicki Guerrero comes out and postpones the Tournament final and sets up a tag team match with Kim and Maryse vs. Layla and Michelle McCool. God dammit, I thought this ppv was going to be McTaker free…

McCool and Layla beat Maryse and Gail Kim when McCool hit the Styles Clash on Kim for the win. Kim was in the match the whole time. After the match Maryse hits a DDT on Kim. Whatever match.

Josh in the back talking NXT. He brings out the Miz who talks about Daniel Bryan and how he is going to teach him to be a huge star. He calls Bryan an internet sensation but the first person in line at a Star Wars convention. MVP then comes out and brings up that he pinned Miz so he’s getting a title match tonight.

William Regal comes down to the ring to talk NXT. He says he a coach on NXT. He’s talking shit when Edge comes out and interrupts him. He says he is making his Title match choice on RAW tomorrow night. He then spears the shit out of Regal.

United States Champion The Miz w/The Big Show beat MVP w/Mark Henry when Show knocked out MVP behind the back of the ref for the pin. During the match Miz hit a reverse style Codebreaker in the corner on MVP, move of the match! On the outside Show put Henry through one of the ringside barricades. Solid match. After the match the medic comes out to patch up Miz who got a little bloody during the match, can’t you do this in the back the match is OVER. Refs come out to check on MVP as he sells being knocked out.

The World Title Elimination Chamber match is next.

CM Punk comes out for the match and cuts a dope promo walking into the Chamber talking shit to Taker, Morrison, Rey and Jericho who are locked in pods. R-Truth then interrupts Punk coming out to his theme music. Truth gets a huge pop like he’s winning the shit, he ain’t but you know what I’m saying. Punk and Truth start the match with Truth landing a rolling plancha onto Punk on the steel. Punk with G2S on Truth…1…2…THREEE!! Truth is out!!!! Punk then gets BACK on the mic ala The Royal Rumble! He talks shit to Taker saying he is going to make him tap! He then wants the people at home to put their hand on the screen and feel the power flow through them! Haha Next person out is…. Rey Mysterio!!! Mysterio comes out strong until Punk hits the rolling Power Slam on Rey. Rey gets a 2 count on a Hurricanranna! Quickly Punk recovers and uses Rey as a battering ram on the cage walls! Punk rams Rey into the ring post and Rey’s head hits the pod! FUCK! Rey and Punk climb to the top! Punk is going for a G2S! Rey fights it off though and Rey hits the Hurricanranna from the top onto Punk on the outside steel!!! Rey covers Punk…1…2…THREEE! Punk is out! Next out is Chris Jericho! He attacks Rey but Rey gets the 619! Jericho rolls to the outside. Rey on the cage but Jericho pulls his legs and Rey hits the steel floor face first! Jericho has the advantage and taunts Taker. Dragon Sleeper by REY, Jericho fights out and gets the Walls of Jericho on Rey…the clock is running down its…..MORRISON! Jericho lets Rey out of the WOJ and all three men are going at it! Taker is the last pod. Morrison goes through one of the pods thanks to Rey! All three are exchanging taking the advantage in the match, solid shit here. Morrison hits Starship Pain on Rey! 1…2..THREE!!! We’re down to Morrison and Jericho with Taker still in his pod. Jericho with Walls of Jericho on Morrison…. The time counts down and Taker is out!!! Morrison is saved! Taker all over Jericho! Taker goes for the double chokeslam but they turn it on taker and do a double suplex on Taker! Morrison and Jericho go back to beating each other up. Jericho throws Morrison out to the steel ground. Taker is up and beats up Jericho in one of the pods. Taker goes after Morrison, snake eyes! Morrison with the second rope kick to Taker! Morrison goes for Starship Pain but Taker gets his knees up. Taker is up and Jericho hides in a pod again. Taker launches Morrison onto the outside steel then takes Morrison head first to the pod where Jericho is hiding. Taker goes for the Last Ride but Jericho breaks it up! Taker through the pod! Crowd start an Undertaker chant. CHOKESLAM but the Taker on Morrison on the outside steel, Taker covers…1…2…THREE! We are down to Jericho and Taker! Jericho is hesitant to come back into the ring, when he does Taker attacks. Jericho gets Taker onto the top, SUPERPLEX on Taker! Jericho makes the pin…1…2…KICKOUT! Take catches Jericho for the chokeslam….Walls of Jericho…No Hells Gate…NOOO Walls of Jericho!!!! Taker its trying to fight out! Taker rolls out and Hells Gate is on….NO! Jericho gets in the ropes and escapes! CODEBREAKER!!!!!!!! JERICHO CRAWLS!….1….2…..KICKOUT!  Jericho gets caught with the Last Ride! Both guys are down. Taker is up to his feet, he signals for the Tombstone! WAIT!!! Shawn Michael comes from under the ring and is in the CAGE!!!!!!!!! HE SUPERKICKS TAKER!!!!!!!!! JERICHO COVERS!!!! 1…..2…….THREEEEEEE!!!!!!!! CHRIS JERICHO IS THE WORLD CHAMPION! HBK stands over Taker!

Not a bad pay per view but mostly because of the last match which was solid from the beginning to the end. WrestleMania is now set!

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