They start the show with a short video of old school ECW before they go into building up the main event. I’m bummed about this, like I’ve said before yes its not the OG ECW but its still the one wrestling show they had in the WWE.

It is announced that we will get the NXT roster tonight, here comes name change galore…

Unified Tag Team Champions The Big Show & United States Champion The Miz beat Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust when Miz pins Goldust after Big Show lands the punch to the ribs of Goldust which set up for the SCF. Match was good. Now lets see where Yoshi and Goldust end up. Yoshi’s music is goofy as fuck. It also looks like Yoshi stole Ricky “the Dragon’s Steamboats dragon tights.

They announce two of the pairs for NXT. Chris Jericho and Wade Barrett also,

Matt Hardy and Justin Gabriel.

ECW GM Tiffany is in the back, talks about NXT until Zack Ryder comes in and is pissed he isn’t in the Title match. Ryder says he’s going to get involved tonight. Who gives a shit if about the match when they are probably killing off the title.

The announce the next pairing, MVP and Skip Sheffield.

God damn mother fucking shit, they go into the Abraham Washington show, what the fuck. Why waste the time, fuck?! I didn’t listen to what he was talking about but it looked stupid. Shelton Benjamin comes out talking about being a free agent. Vance Archer then comes out gets into Shelton’s face. Clayten and Barretta then come out, followed by Kozlov. Shelton and Kozlov beat up on everyone until they clear the ring and shake hands. No one actually turned on the other?! Ha

They announce Carlito coaching Michael Tarver.

They announce The Miz coaching….. Daniel Bryan!!? What the fuck!? Bryan has more years in the business than Miz!? Sounds like our first feud! Maybe Bryan beats Miz for the US Title on the show?? ahh shit!

Its announced that Christian gets Heath Slater.

ECW Champion Christian comes to the ring for the main event with a shopping cart of weapons. Before the match he talks about coming back to the WWE with ECW. He talks about people calling ECW a demotion but he never saw it that way. He talks about his time in ECW wrestling Dreamer and Yoshi. He says he is fighting for old school ECW and the new guys in ECW now. The crowd chants ECW. He says ECW will go away forever but he is proud that he will call himself the last ECW Champion. Damn, I guess the Title dies with the show. Bummer, I was hoping it would last a bit longer.

The announce CM Punk coaches Darren Young. Oh shit, when I saw Punk I thought Kaval for sure. Old School! Ha!

Ezekiel Jackson w/William Regal beats ECW Champion Christian for the title to become the final Champion of ECW. Christian dominated the first part of the match, Ryder then gets involved attacking Christian. After Christian throws Ryder out Rosa gets in the face of the champion until ECW GM Tiffany comes out and spears Rosa, lame attempt at an old ECW cat fight. The match moved to the outside with both guys using weapons, most notable was Jackson putting Christian through the shopping cart. The match moved into the ring with Regal getting involved which set up Jackson putting Christian through the table for the pin and the title. Damn really, Jackson as the last champ!??! Fuck redeem yourself and bring out Tommy Dreamer!…. ok wishful thinking. Maybe this is how they keep the title alive?? Oh well.

Announced, R-Truth coaches David Otunga.

Wait, where is Kaval at!??!

So that’s that, no more ECW. It had an ok run in the WWE with most of the highlights being at the beginning of WWE’s ownership. I would say it all went to shit when Lashley won the title, well that and McMahon. With one show down, lets hope WWE Superstars gets some decent matches.

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