02-09-10 ECW REPORT


ECW starts with a shot of all the Talent in the back and GM Tiffany addressing them about Vince’s comments last week. Man its too bad they have to sell this shit as a good thing about ending ECW. She tells them they will all be free agents after ECW dies and tells everyone to have fun. She puts on beads and gets a drink from under the podium. Zack Ryder confronts her but she ain’t having it, this bitch is going to party ECW all the way to the ground, shooot.

In a #1 contender match for next week against the Unified Tag Team Champions The Miz & The Big Show, Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust beat Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft when Yoshi gets the pin after the kick the head to Croft. He got busted open from that kick.

It’s too bad that guys who ended up doing well in ECW like Goldust are going to be lost in the shuffle of RAW and Smackdown. The WWE roster is too big NOT to have 3 brands in my opinion. The match itself was slow moving for the most part, until the hot tag was made by Yoshi. The commentators where doing a shitty job since they really weren’t building towards other shit, they just seemed not to care.

Ezekiel Jackson w/William Regal beat Perry Wallace (aka Luke Hawks). Why the FUCK are they doing a jobber match on one of the last ECW shows?!?! What the fuck?! That is a pisser. After the match Regal gets on the mic and is pissed because he got ejected from Jackson’s match at the Rumble. He then starts to cut Tiffany down but says she can makes things better by granting Jackson a rematch on next week show. Jackson says he will be the final ECW Champion. So are they keeping the fucking title around or not?!

ECW Champion Christian in the back addressing Jackson’s challenge. He accepts but wants to do it big, extreme rules next week.

In a no count out/no DQ match, Shelton Benjamin beats Vance Archer when he hits Paydirt for the win. Before the match Shelton gets on the mic and says even though he was hating ECW, he has changed his colors in ECW and will miss ECW, except Vance Archer. He then says he will beat Archer like he’s never been beat before. Cool that Shelton got to cut a promo on ECW. During the match Shelton gets a fucking scrape on his forehead and they pause the fucking match to clean him up, fuck man quit with the PG13 bullshit, this is professional wrestling god dammit! Match was entertaining and Shelton is just the shit.

I’m going to miss ECW, yes I know it isn’t “what it use to be”, yes I get that but I also got that when ECW was going to be a regular part of the WWE and I made piece with that. So yeah, I am going to miss ECW as it was my favorite show because for the most part it stuck to matches, good matches and less bullshit than the other shows. RIP ECW.

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