Royal Rumble Results: EDGE WINS!!!


Royal Rumble starts.  Entrances and eliminations are listed in order.

1.  Dolph Ziggler
2. Evan Bourne
3. CM Punk with Serena
– Punk eliminates Ziggler and Bourne.
4.  JTG
– Punk eliminates JTG

5.  Great Kali
6.  Beth Phoenix
-Beth eliminates Kali
7.  Zack Ryder
– Punk eliminates Zack
8.  HHH
9.  Drew McIntyre
HHH eliminates PUNK
10.  Ted DiBiase
11.  John Morrison
12.  Kane  *double chokeslam on Morrison and McIntyre.
13.  Cody Rhodes
14.  MVP *Miz attacks him from behind.
15.  Carlito *Backstabberfest!
16.  The Miz
– MVP eliminates Miz and himself.
17.  Matt Hardy
– Kane eliminates Hardy
– HHH eliminates Kane
18.  HBK
– HBK throws out Carlito, Cody and DiBiase.  Morrison too.
– DX throws out Drew.
19. Cena *double five knuckle shuffle.
– HBK throws out HHH
20.  Shelton Benjamin
– Cena throws out Shelton.
21.  Yoshi Tatsu
– Cena throws out Tatsu
22.  Big Show
23.  Mark Henry
24.  Chris Masters
– Show eliminates Masters.
25.  R-Truth
– R-Truth eliminates Show and Henry.
26.  Jack Swagger
27.  Kofi Kingston
– Kofi takes out Swagger
– Kofi takes out R-Truth
28.  Chris Jericho
– Cena takes out Kofi
29.  EDGE
– EDGE throws out Jericho.
30.  Batista
– Batista eliminates HBK.
– Cena eliminates Batista.

Edge wins the Rumble by eliminating John Cena!!!


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