Royal Rumble Results: 1st Hour



Quick results from the ATL:

1.  Christian opens the show.  Lawler, Cole and Striker are calling the matches.  Nice line up.  Nice emphasis on Ezekial’s power from Striker.  Springboard Plancha by Christian.  Ezekial does power moves: slams and clubs to the back and chest. Zeke throws Christian outside with Regal ready to get some shots in.  Ref sends Regal from ringside.  Christian wins with the Kill Switch.  Nice match that finally establishes Ezekial as a legit threat with power moves.

 2.  The Miz over MVP via roll up.  Decent match.  MVP controlled most the match until the surprise roll up.

 Big Show and Jericho run into each other.  I love how Jericho plays the co-dependent ex-girlfriend of the estranged couple.  Big Show reiterates how he’s in the Rumble for himself.  R-Truth and Jericho share words.

 3.  Sheamus over Orton via DQ (Cody’s interference) and retains the WWE Title:  Huge pop for Orton.  Not sure if the Sheamus’ heat is “good” heat.  I think the city of Atlanta wanted the belt off Sheamus ASAP.  Plodding match.  Randy gives a beatdown to Cody and DiBiase afterwards, then meets the big boot from Sheamus.


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