PWG’s Kurt Russelmania Results at WrestleReunion!


Quick and dirty results from PWG’s JaMarcus Kurt Russelmania!

Young Bucks come out with Brian Kendrick and cut a promo about how they should now be addressed as “Generation Me” and be called by their real names.  They turn on Brian Kendrick and start giving him a beatdown.  Paul London comes out for the save.  Nice crowd pop for London!  Bzzzzzz!  London and Kendrick send “Generation Me” to the back.  London calls Excalibur “Octagon” and dares him to make a match between Generation Me and London & Kendrick.

1.  Eight-Person Tag Team Match:   The Cutler Brothers (Brandon & Dustin Cutler), Ryan Taylor, & Christina Von Eerie defeat Johnny Goodtime, Malachi “CK” Jackson, Candice LeRae, & Jerome “LTP” Robinson via a tombstone-sit out piledriver combo on Candice LeRae by the Cutler Brothers.  Fun opener that featured two “double crotch-handle back suplexes by Candice LeRae.  I have to say that Christina Von Erie is definitely television worthy.

2.  Brandon Gatson defeated Brandon Bonham via rolling death driver???  I actually don’t know what to call it.  But it looked devastating.  A solid match that featured dueling “BRANDON” chants.  Brandon Gatson shined with a handspring moonsault dive to the outside.

3.  Octagon Excalibur comes out and tells the crowd that Chuck Taylor couldn’t make it to the show.  He rearranges a lot on the card and then royally serves some obnoxious piece of shit fan in the crowd.  HUGE crowd pop for that.

4.  The Human Tornado over Super Crazy via a Cancun Tornado after executing the Tornado-Plex.  Awesome Super Crazy chants throughout and the crowd participated with counting in espanol.  Super Crazy definitely still has it.  Good match!

5.  H1N1 Warfare!  Davey Richards submitted Mr. Kissing Mr. Wrestling Kevin Steen via spit attack flurry arm bar.  Pure comedy.  Kevin Steen kissed all parties involved, from the ref, the announcer, someone in the crowd, to Davey Richards.  It was funny seeing Davey trying to keep a straight face.  Steen blew snot on Richards twice with Canadian Okie Blows.  Richards countered with some spit action of his own.  Germs, people!  This was the usually brilliant, hard hitting match you can always expect from these two.

6.  The Great Muta & KAI defeated  Scott Lost & Joey Ryan via Muta’s Shining Wizard on Scott Lost after green mist attack!  Lovely reaction for Muta and KAI.  Scott sold his ass off but also got in a lot of offense on Muta.  Sensational match with Muta hitting most of his signature moves.  People need to chill with the streamers though.  I guess Scott Lost got what he wanted!


7.   Jushin Thunder Liger over El Generico via brain bustaaaah!  Both men worked their asses off and delivered one of the best matches of the weekend.  Standing ovation for both men.  Again, folks need to chill with the streamers, yo.

8.  Brian Kendrick & Paul “To Infinity and Beyond” London defeated Generation Me via London’s Shooting Star Press after Kendrick’s Sliced Bread #2.  In a HUGE WTF??? moment, Paul London comes out sporting an astronaut flight suit, complete with retro laser ray gun and space helmet.  Generation Me played up to the Hardy chants nicely and rocked some amazing double team moves.  TNA actually did one good thing in signing them.  A bit uneven but awesome finish.

9.  “The Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam over Chris Hero and Roderick Strong via a FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH on Roderick Strong.  Perfect ending to an amazing show.  RVD showed no ring rust and Strong and Hero shined in their own right.  It was so great to see RVD go through his moveset throughout the match;  Rolling Thunder, Split-legged moonsault, Steel Chair Skateboard (two times!), spinning guillotine from the ring apron, rolling monkey flip, Five Star Frog Splash and more.  What can you say?  The Whole F*ckin’ Show delivered.


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