Business is Picking Up! – Some wrestling links


The Royal Rumble stat pack – SLAM! Wrestling
Jon Waldman has some very cool Rumble stats over here.

This year will be the 12th Royal Rumbles each for Shawn Michaels and Kane. However, if you go by Glen Jacobs the person rather than his popular red monster character, he’s ahead of HBK by two Rumbles and is entering his 14th.

Paul Heyman: “Brock Lesnar Is Not Going To Shut Up About Health Care!” – Heyman Hustle
Paul Heyman clears the air about Brock Lesnar and what happened in a Canadian hospital.

Brock Lesnar called yesterday. He’s pissed.

ROH, Liger kick off WrestleReunion – SLAM! Wrestling
Jason Clevett covers the hype and energy surrounding this weekends WrestleReunion show in Los Angeles.

Whether it was Jay Briscoe running down the street or Austin Aries and Survivor’s Johnny Fairplay chatting on a staircase, it was obvious something special was happening.

Don’t forget, wrestling fans, is going to be posting LIVE from WrestleReunion all weekend long!

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