Unified Tag Team Champions DX come out to defend their titles against CM Punk and Luke Gallows. Before they can go into their shtick Rey Mysterio comes out, he feels disrespected by HBK with all this Undertaker mess. Triple H breaks them up and cracks a short joke on Rey but Rey isn’t having it and challenges HBK tonight. CM Punk then comes out with Gallows and Serena. Punk’s beard is creepy like dirty old man style. Ha.

Punk and Triple H banter back and forth, Triple H says he doesn’t drink, smoke or do drugs but he doesn’t look like a hot mess like Punk does with his beard. Not a bad exchange actually even though Triple H is ignorant. Smackdown GM Teddy Long comes out and changes things up for tonight. Gallows and Punk aren’t getting their title short tonight, well fuck. Long sets up Rey vs. HBK in what he called “the first time ever” which is not true. He then sets up Triple H vs. Punk! Decent opener but I hope Punk & Gallows end up getting their Tag Title Shots soon as I think it would be a good opening for Punk to preach all over WWE programming, possibly adding more “disciples”.

During the match Matt Striker calls Triple H “the father of this industry”…what the fuck are you talking about dude!? Why has Striker’s commentary taken a shit since he’s been moved to Smackdown?… .oh right, he’s got people in his ear now. Fuck!

Triple H beat CM Punk by DQ when Triple H was going to go for the Pedigree but Serena jumps on top of Triple H to stop him. After the match the Straightedge Society beat up Triple H and go to shave his head when HBK makes the save. DX is left alone in the ring with Punk and Serena, Punk gets behind Serena and DX back up giving Punk time to get out of the ring. HBK fakes Serena with a superkick and she takes off. I am really digging Punk’s group and how he is shown has having some sort of “power” over these people where they would do anything for Punk. Good shit!

R-Truth pins Chris Jericho in a pretty good match. Impressive victory given to Truth. I’m hoping they are doing this so we don’t see Jericho winning the Rumble. Let’s hope!

Josh Mathews in the back with Batista talking about on his attack on Rey. He says all he did last week was make a statement and that he will win the Royal Rumble. Says people are going to get hurt if they get in his way in the Rumble. Please don’t give this dude the Rumble!

John Morrison comes out and cuts a promo on Drew McIntyre and his lack of respect of the Intercontinental Title, as he dropped the I-C Title to “chest bump” his buddy Sheamus after his victory. The match tonight is no DQ. Best promo Morrison has cut to date in my opinion.

Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre pins John Morrison in a no DQ match when he lands a double under hook DDT onto the I-C Title. Solid match that saw the use of a kendo stick by both guys and saw them fight into the crowd. So far a good night of wrestling on Smackdown.

Wack ass Woman’s Champion Michelle McCool comes down to the ring to cut a promo. Christ is her fucking voice annoying! They show footage when her and Layla jumped Mickie James and covered her in food. McCool then asks for an open challenge for her title, Mickie James music hits and Layla comes out in a fat suit with a pig nose and a donut. This isn’t good. Man, what kind of message are you sending to little girls?! This is PG? Damn dude. I’m done watching this shit…forwarding.

HBK is making his way to the ring when Batista stops him and tells him to say out of his way in the Rumble. HBK says he’s always thought Batista was “over rated” you ain’t the only one! Just as Batista was going to do something about that comment, Triple H sticks his nose in and breaks it up, Batista walks away.

Shawn Michaels vs. Rey Mysterio is thrown when Batista comes out and attacks both. Triple H comes out and beats up on Batista for the save. Great match with Rey and HBK with really cool spots which included HBK going for the Hurricanrana but HBK turned it into an atomic drop and a drop to take Rey down. Also Rey going for the Hurricanrana again but HBK hits the Sweet Chin Music. I really enjoyed that match, but although I would have liked to see a solid winner I get what they were doing by not having one. HBK and Rey are left in the ring when the lights go out and Undertaker ends up in the ring to double choke slam both guys!!! Takers music hits and the show ends building up some really good shit for not only the World Title match at the Royal Rumble but for the intrigue on who will meet The Undertaker at WrestleMania.


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