Transcript of John Cena’s promo on RAW (airdate: January 25th, 2010)


Cena confronts Vince on RAW

This comes about at the top of the second hour of the show.  Vince does his whole anti-Bret speech.  The crowd gave a lovely “WE WANT BRET” chant that would make all of Canada proud (and Freddy too).  John Cena comes out and gives this promo:

Cena: I never had a problem with you until recently because you referred to Bret Hart as a used up piece of gum that lost its flavor and needs to be thrown away.  A couple of months ago in Madison Square Garden, you treated Roddy Piper like he was nothing.  (crowd boos)  Congratulations, Vince.  You’re successful.  You’ve built an empire.  You got an ugly purple jacket to prove it.

Vince: Better than that orange crap you wear.

Cena: Wardrobe aside is what you’re forgetting.  You got a lot of help building that empire.  You got a lot of help from a lot of good people.  Good people who loved this business.  People like Roddy Piper.  People like Bret Hart.

The problem I got with you is that every once in a while you get that…you get that idea in your head that human beings, that WWE Superstars, who work their butts off for everyone here, you included, that they’re nothing more than commodities and when they hit their expiration date…bam, they’re gone.  Is that what you think?  Is that what you think of people like Shawn Michaels?  Like the Undertaker?  Like Batista?  Is that what you think of people like me?

Vince: I don’t even know what you’re talking about.

Cena: You know what people don’t respect you as a man.  Cuz with all you’ve done, all you give a damn about is lining your pockets and serving your ego.  And it’s a damn shame because when a guy like Bret Hart has done so much, you realize ‘oh this guy can’t make money for me anymore’ so what’d you do?  You served your ego.  You brought him on the show  just to make sure that everybody watching, the last thing they would see is you kicking him in the gut.  You’re right.  You’re not a coward.  You’re pathetic.

Vince: Hey!  What’d you call me?

Cena: Ahh you heard me.  But you know what?  You gotta hear this.  Next week you will invite Bret Hart to RAW.  That’s right.  You will invite him to RAW and I don’t give a damn if you shake hands, if you high five, if you kick him in the gut again.  He deserves a chance to confront you face to face.  (crowd pops)

And here’s the problem…if you don’t invite him.  You prove to me.  You prove to every WWE Superstar.  And you prove to every single loyal WWE fan that they are nothing more than a commodity to line your wallet…serve your ego.  And if that’s the case, you’ll make it through next week.

But mark this date on your calendar:  August 24th, 2035.  Vince McMahon’s 90th Birthday.  I figure by then I’ll be a chewed up piece of bubble gum who’s lost his flavor.  So I’m gonna find you and, for everyone who’s worked for you from Andre the Giant to Outback Jack to Bret “The Hitman” Hart, I am gonna lift you out of your wheelchair and knock your false teeth down your throat.   (major crowd pop)

I already told you, I’m not out here to change your mind.  This is one of those situations where you need to do the right thing.

I’m not a John Cena fan but this promo is laced with a lot of truths.  For myself, I would have enjoyed it more if a WWE veteran, like Shawn or Jericho, delivered such a heartfelt speech.  Seriously, how much more effective would it have been if a supposed heel like Jericho became such an incredible voice of reason?  That, my friends, would have been some powerful ass writing.  All in all, the speech set up Bret’s return perfectly.  Begrudgingly, kudos to all involved in writing that segment.

*Dear IWC, please link back if you’re going to use this.  Thanks in advance, sluts.

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