Super Fresh Accoutrements: Star Man Nes Pro Wrestling T-Shirt


Starman T-shirt from on knockoutees on ebay.

This is dope – period.

Knockoutees on ebay is selling this gem for around 19 bucks plus shipping.  The store offers all sorts of ironic goodness, including a few more NES Pro Wrestling characters and other NES games (Woah!  Is that a Legend of Zelda T-shirt?).

If your an old wrestling fart like us, you appreciate this.  Star Man was the electric enigma of NES Pro Wrestling.  His flying cross chop was probably one of the best moves in the game (Yes, The Amazon’s Piranha Bite was just as spectacular).

I’m tempted to cop this shirt to soothe my pro wrestling soul and love for all things 8-bit.  It also helps ease the pain of seeing this colossal piece of shit sin offered by Prince Cena and his WWE.

So go ahead and click over there and order this piece of freshness.  You probably won’t get a date from a hot chick, but you will get tons of props from nerdy 30-somethings when they see you in this shirt.  You will be super fresh indeed, son.

Image courtesy of knockoutees on ebay.

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3 Responses to “Super Fresh Accoutrements: Star Man Nes Pro Wrestling T-Shirt”

  1. Knockoutees Says:

    Hello, I am the owner of Knockoutees on ebay. Thanks very much for the compliments. It’s nice to see that we are being acknowldeged for our products, no matter how nerdy they are. Us nerds need to stick together!!

    I am a Nintendo fanatatic and just wanted to say thanks for the shoutout!!!

  2. gamingtees Says:

    Nice Shirt, I just started a blog about video games shirts and I like this and what the ebay seller offers. Cool stuff man!!!

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